We have been conditioned to think and accept that mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering is simply a part of life. Says Who?

There are 7 Modules delivered in 4 workshops which are the foundations of HEALTH designed to bring you into alignment, so that you can enjoy your LIFE to it’s fullest potential..

Willpower | Breathing | Hydration | Thoughts | Movement | Nutrition | Rest
enigma7 has transformed these into 4, YES! Just 4 steps so that you can REINTRODUCE WELLNESS into your life. enigma7 gives you the tools to take control of your HEALTH and WELLBEING to unlock your inner potential by…

Bringing Intimacy Back

Moving Intimacy Into the Fridge

Sleeping With the Intimacy Killer

Get Intimate, Get Wet

Bring them into balance and you’ll change your life.

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Together however, they add up to the most intense, pleasurable and important life-changing experiences. You can purchase these individually or separately.

Bringing Intimacy Back deals with two of the most important aspects of our human existence. 

Willpower and Positive Thinking.

Put yourself first again!

Moving Intimacy Into the Fridge will introduce you to two new aspects of Self Love.

You may never even have thought that these elements had such a huge impact on your life.

Sleeping with the Intimacy Killer will open your eyes to one of the biggest intimacy killers.

This Workshop presents you with the facts to overcome one of the most common issues for couples

Get Intimate, Get Wet without a doubt lives up to its name

What we say is what you get.

I bet you can’t guess what we are talking about here?

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Most people are unaware of what causes a lack of Wellness, Sex and Intimacy

E7 will take you on a journey to discover the cause and restore your Wellbeing and your Sex Life and the Intimacy which should be a part of every one of your days..



Modern medicine recognises that a good and healthy Sex Life is essential to Wellbeing, Wellness and the prevention of many of the problems that accompany the ageing process. Improving your Sex Life is so simple. Once your mind and body are properly nourished, hydrated and healthy, we’ll then show you the easiest ways of improving your sexual performance; and you’ll develop that irresistible inner magnetism so attractive to others.



As we age, Wellness becomes more and more important. Now that so many of us are Baby Boomers, being Well isn’t the same as being cured of illness. Being Well is maintaining good health, both to prevent the illnesses that older people are prone to and living a strong, active and healthy life into the future.


Intimacy is one of the most important wondrous treasures we possess, but all too often it diminishes with age… but it shouldn’t. In fact, as we reach our Third Age, Intimacy should be front and centre of our lives. Intimacy doesn’t have to disappear in a long relationship, or when we’re divorced or alone. Intimacy isn’t about out partners at all, it is about US. The desire for intimacy doesn’t diminish with age, but when intimacy leaves our lives, we’re not just barren and bereft… but it’s as if we’ve lost a limb.

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